Projet Management

  • PMBOK methodology in contexts of matrix and AGILE development
  • Complete project life cycle, from draft study to  post mortem: 
    • Project charter, define success criteria, 
    • Resource planning and timelines, 
    • Organize and track meetings, 
    • Communicate the status of project, 
    • Control costs and quality of deliverable, 
    • Risk assessment
  • Full implementation cycle: 
    • Defining requirements
    • Write the specifications 
    • RFPs, evaluating responses, negotiation 
    • Track changes
    • User certification and quality assurance 
    • Training, implementing systems
    • Monitoring after implantation
  • Establish a vision supported by a project mission
  • Identify and confirm business requirements
  • Systems integration, in-house development, "software as a service"
  • Plan and negotiate budgets
  • Client Management relations with the business community
  • Main contact with users
  • Worked with high management and clerical users
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between users and IT technicians

IT Department Management

  • IT staff management
  • Team leadership and coaching
  • Staff management in a context of rationalization
  • Hiring and evaluating staff
  • Management of IT suppliers
  • IT Director plan

Retail Management

  • Supply chain and retail space management
  • Loyalty, business intelligence, banking, debit / credit card, budgeting and others