STORM, the STORe Manager

STORM: What is it?

A set of retail modules covering the retail specificities


First brick where all modules are connected

It is the operational data model

Can be set as a « master data management » module

CRM module based on the STORM PLATFORM

Central point, where all customer related data is available, from POS to ecommerce

Can be used standalone or integrated with other customer related systems

STORM HERMES platform supports a wide variety of business processes related to trade between companies

Its "B2B" is based on OASIS UBL 2.1, a standard for electronic document exchange

Pre-built Data Marts for all enterprise departments based on ARTS standards and retail best practices

Pre-built interfaces to minimize the integration efforts (ETL, Web services)

Pre-built exhaustive list of reports and dashboards

Pre-built exhaustive set of KPIs and measurements

Easy to integrate and to deploy by using technology already known by retailers: Microsoft